RiverLife Wellness Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit free clinic


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The vision for

RiverLife Wellness Center

Many times chronic symptoms can be impossible to manage in a typical office visit.  True relief requires addressing not only the medical disease, but also the associated burdens on body, mind, and spirit.


Because such holistic care is generally inaccessible to the low income and uninsured population, we developed our integrative free clinic model to address these problems for the under-served.


In 2010, RLWC opened its doors to provide this type of holistic support to the low income and uninsured residents in and around Iredell County.


RiverLife Wellness Center

endeavors to be a place where

those with chronic conditions

or bothersome symptoms can find 

relief from pain and suffering. 


Our hope is that you will also experience

God’s healing of emotional, psychological,

and spiritual burdens.


                                  OUR MISSION


The overall mission of RiverLife Wellness Center is 

to establish, develop, and maintain a broad-based health center

that reflects the Father-love of God

through high quality compassionate health care,

individualized and grace-based Christian counseling,

and Holy Spirit guided ministry.

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